Sunday Brunch at Indika

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After a pretty rough week, a much needed relaxing hangout was due.  A few of my friends and I hit up a restaurant in midtown to enjoy some fine Indian Cuisine.  I’m not a fan of eating Pakistani/indian food at restaurants.  Usually the food has too much garam masala to make up for their lack of using the right spices, the restaurant is not the cleanest of places, the wait staff is a mess or a combination of all that. 

Indika is an upscale Indian restaurant that offers traditional Indian cuinsine as well as some innovative-modern dishes.  We went for a Sunday brunch which consisted of an all you can eat menu, chaat-bar, and dessert-bar for a base price.  There was no buffet table, everything was served to you at the table. 

The food had good presentation, the waiter was awesome, food was delic, and the atmosphere was pleasent. 

Chick pea crepe stuffed with slow cooked spiced pumpkin & goat cheese

We were such food-dorks, tryig to figure out what spices were used in the dishes. 

Gunpowder salmon with green masala sauce

This was my favorite there. 

And for a more traditional dish:

Pooris with sauteed mixed vegetables & paneer

We also had the Coconut pancakes with banana, potato cakes, samosas, corn & mint chaat, and bhel poori. 

I didn’t know decent Indian restaurants existed and I’m glad theyve taken the food up a notch.  But if your looking to get your hands greasy with biryani, this might not be the place for you.


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