Pot Full of Goodness

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(I’m a little behind in my posts…so a lot of recent post aren’t so recent)

During Eid, (or maybe just Eid-al-adha?) our family usually makes this dessert that’s pretty traditional.  Actually, we make a similar dessert to the one that is the traditional dessert because…well I really don’t know why.  Maybe we don’t like it the other way.   It’s a simple dessert the can be made quickly if you have the ingredients on hand.  Once everything is in the pot, you can leave it to cook until desired thickness/consistency. 

Sawayoon Wali Kheer aka Vermicelli Pudding (by my mum)

200 g vermicelli (one packet)

1/4 tbs butter

1/8 tsp ground cardamom powder

2/3 gallon whole milk

1 qt half & half

3/4 packet Lazizah/Shan Kheer mix

5 tbs sugar

3 tbs golden raisins

pinch of saffron

Crush the vermicelli until it’s in smaller pieces, not too small though.  In a pot, cook it with the butter and cardamom powder for about a minute.  Add in remaining ingredients and cook until the mixture has gotten a little thick (Don’t make it too thick because it thickens more after it cools).  Pour it into a large serving dish or individualized serving bowl.  Can be served warm or cold. 

Growing up, I always loved licking the pot after my mom had poured the kheer into a serving dish.  All the siblings would fight over it and claim certain sections of the pot or stirring spoon. 

I should warn you though, don’t leave a spoon in the serving dish.  The kheer will slowly disappear and by the end of the day you’ll wonder where it all went.


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