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I like to experiment with different grains since growing up all I pretty much had was rice.  I’m usually very open to different foods because I know there’s so much out there and so little that I’ve had.  What if I’m missing out on something amazing that I haven’t had yet? 

Our parents grew up on their cultural and ethnic foods and didn’t get to experience the different fusions and foods of other groups.  It amazes me how much globalization has affected food, leading to various different fusions that you can see scattered throughout the U.S.

Back to grains, so far I’ve tried quinoa, millet, buckwheat (noodle form though), and oats.  I’ve seen many recipes for wheat berries but just never got around to making some.  With grains, you mostly have to make them yourself because you just can’t go to the supermarket or a restaurant and look for a quinoa salad.  

I was strolling through Whole Foods late this evening, passing by the open food bar which usually contains a differnet array of foods from salads, entrees, and sides.  I don’t know how it caught my eye, but there is was, a wheatberry salad!  I hesitated, but then knew that I was way too curious to pass this up. 


I excitedly finished my shopping and headed home to dive in to this salad.  I don’t know what I expected but as I had my first bite, I slowly chewed and thought about all the flavors that were swirming through my mouth.  It was chewy, wholesome, and slightly cinnamony, but I wasn’t sure if that was because of the dressing or the berries.  Some shredded grilled salmon would make a perfect lunch, I’m sure. 

I had only gotten a little to taste and was sad there was no more but now I know what texture to cook the berries when I make them on my own.  Amaranth is next on my list of grains to try as I found a great amaranth-quinoa recipe. 

My cooking and baking as of late has been very little due to Ramadan.  Suhoor, early breakfast before dawn, usually consists for me of some oatmeal, boiled egg, and dates.  Iftaar, meal after sunset where the fast is broken, consists of dates, fruit salad, and whatever mum has made, which is usually leftovers since we can only eat so much.  With very little being cooked by mum anyways, there’s no point of me making something and filling up the fridge, and there’s barely room for dessert. 

Although I do crave something right before bed, so maybe I’ll whip something up tomorrow.


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