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At work we were discussing how we all have our own weakness of buying small items daily that add up to big bucks, whether it’s a pack of gum, a coffee run at Starbucks, or a snack from the vending machine.  My boss claimed his to be water and how he spends a lot on water.  He proceeded to tell us about some book that he read that talked about how water can cure most common diseases due to our nation being chronically dehydrated.  I chuckled in response as I was a little skeptical.  I knew majority of people walked around not knowing how dehydrated they were but how does dehydration have anything to do with arthritis? 

I was curious to see what this water theory was about and I ordered my own copy of the book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water by. F. Batmanghelidj aka Dr. Batman.  I started reading and even though I learned some interesting facts, I needed some extra concentration following the science that was explained.  It wasn’t till mid-book I sat there dumbfounded and severely impressed by his work.  How could I been so sluggish reading this book before?  I tore through the book and was done within a day after my sluggish-putting-it-off period and was so upset when it ended. 

I’m sure there’s research countering the arguments and research that he presents but I rather drink enough water before going on meds.  And not orange juice, tea, coffee-type water but pure H20. 

His book offers many testimonials of people claiming how much it helped their condition by drinking enough water.  There’s no downside to drinking enough water (except the increase of bathroom visits!) but there’s always a string of side effects in medication.  Definitely check out this book.  It’s amazing how the human body works and what it does to protect itself.


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