Julie and Julia

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I was on youtube one day and saw the preview for Julie & Julia and decided to click on it.  It seemed witty and funny but that’s what previews do, make movies look super exciting and when you go to see them, they’re such a schlump.  I thought even if I did want to watch, I’d probably wait for it to come out of DVD and rent it some night with the cousins.  

Few hours ago, my friend said she was going and has asked me to join her.  I was tempted by the food aspect of the film and decided to procrastinate on my to-do list.  The movie started with “based on twotrue stories.” I was severely confused about this especially when they had a scene from 1950’s with one women and then to 2005 with another, having no connection at all. It was really interesting how the movie tied together, being absolutely hilarious and unique plot. 

What I loved about the two main characters was that they DID something about their current unhappy situation and decided they’d do what they truly loved and enjoyed.  They had big goals, but they accomplished them because they had what it takes and they worked hard.  Late nights, no sleep, rejections, set backs, and whatever else life throws your way but they kept going, well because they just had to.  They couldn’t take no for an answer.  It inspires me to take my goals and run with them. 

This movie was based off a book, written by Julie herself.  I’m thinking about ordering it since books are almost always better than the movies (exception in my experience would be “A Walk to Remember”…Nicholas Sparks can’t write sorry)  and I like reading about other people’s lives and see how they influenced the world.  Julie has a blog which I posted on.  Check it out. 


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