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I’ve been trying to do some catching up on my reading as I still haven’t finished my Twinkie book.  I read something the other day that astonished me and it was in great contrast to Sugar Blues.  It stated, “Refined sugar is pure.  Refining it is nothing more than purifying a natural food, McElvaney liked to remind me, a process of separation and removal, not transformation.  In sweet contrast to the corn sweetners that compete for our affection, not one molecule is changed.”  The book also explained the process in which converts sugar canes and sugar beets into the sugar that we add to our teas.  After some thinking over this statement, I realized that in this day and age, if people can just merely stay away from corn sweetners, it is a HUGE accomplishment since most products are replacing sugar with things like corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup.  I haven’t concluded my opinions about sugar as of yet since it seems like I have more research and reading to do on this substance.  My goal now with my diet (and when I say diet, I don’t mean the latest food regimen on the market, but the foods that I intake on a normal day) is to elimanate processed foods that contain corn sweetners which most likely come from a source of GMO (genetically modified Organisms) corn.

Now you’re probably wondering what exactly is GMO and really is it in our food? Yes sir it is.  I just finished a documentry, called The Future of Food,  last night that someone recommended to me and I am so thankful that they did.  It really opens up one’s eyes to the way America’s  food industry is heading and it’s impacts on individuals and the world.  I recommend this documentry to EVERYONE.  It’s an hour and half long but it is totalllly worth your time (you know you won’t gain anything from the latest episode of Gossip Girl).  It makes me want to look more into the different options we have availabe to obtain our produce and food such as Farmer’s Markets, Co-ops, and CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture).  If you want to protect your children and the health of loved ones, you will really want to look into these options.  You can find the many options available to you by visting Local Harvest and entering your zip code.  The more we support these entities, the more impact it will have on corporations that are trying to control our food supply.  Companies like Monsanto are only in it for the money, not the health of our nation.  Many high posisitoned USDA and FDA posistions are filled with former Monsanto employees and are able to form regulations in favor of Monsanto.  After watching this video, you’ll think twice about the food that you’re putting in your mouth.  Do a favor to yourself and make sure you know where your food is coming from. 

And this isn’t just about health.  It’s about the environment, our dependency on other countries for our food, and poverty issues in third world countries.  A lot of the produce in the supermarkets travel many miles, even from China.  This increases the amount of fuel that is needed to transport goods.  Some may say that with an increase of GMO food there will be an abudance of food and can save all those people who are starving each day.  Most people who don’t have enough food use to be farmers but they were stripped from their jobs by the government since it was more expensive for the farmers to farm their own food due to government subsidies.  Now they must travel to the city and compete for the scarce jobs that are available.  Instead of being providers of food to their land, they’ve become forcefully dependent.  To watch this video go to The Future of Food  It’s well worth your time.  

This is kind of unrelated to the rest of the post, but since its a post with a bunch of links, why not add one more.  If you havne’t heard of this website yet, you’ve been missing out.  This is where I get majority of my recipes from.  People from all different walks of life post their recipes that include Indian, Chinese, Swiss, Gerrman, Italian recipes.  People will also post ‘how-to’s’ and information about restaurants.  Check it out.  FoodGawker


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