Day 2

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I spent last night at a friends place and we snacked on grapes and rasberries at midnight.  Well she had some cookies and a glass of milk but ofcourse I passed on that.  For breakfast her mother made eggs with whole wheat homemade chapati.  I want to try poaching an egg since I’ve never had one before.  I believe I’ve had eggs every other which way except for a poached egg.  I’ll try it out for breakfast sometime this week.

Not long after we got home I started making some lunch.  I put a fillet of catfish in the oven to bake with chipotle seasoning, salt, and pepper while soba noodles were boiling in a pot full of water.  I wanted something more than noodles and fish so I grabbed my skillet and sauteed 1 tsp of garlic.  I added one spring of green onion and two sliced mushrooms to the mix.  To hit it with some flavor, I splashed in some tamari sauce.  With the tons of kale in the fridge, I chopped up a handful and threw it in.  I covered the skillet so the kale would steam to wilt and soften the leaves.  After that was done, I layered the noodles with the fish and kale/mushroom mixture that I made.  The sister and I dug in and enjoyed a scrumptious meal, finished off with some pear and mango that I had cut up.  We decided to go out for dinner since the sister wants some sushi.  I’ll probably stick to miso soup since sushi has white rice.

So far this is going pretty good.  Tomorrow I’ll be cooking in the morning for the whole day since I won’t have time later on in the day.  Spring break was too short but to think that I’ve only got 14 days of school left is pretty awesome.  Toodles for now.  Time for some yoga.


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    photographer said:
    March 25, 2009 at 4:40 am

    hmm “the sister”

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